S-TRA Straight-Track Rudder Assembly

can be used on any RIVER HAWK boat (or similarly designed boat),

jon boat, flat-bottom skiff, etc. which has a tendency to "wander" or "drift"and not track straight when poling a no-motor zone or using an electric motor on the bow without a gas motor on the transom.

Due to the ultra-shallow draft of the above boats - and their lack of a "true keel", there is nothing to prevent wind and current from turning the boat. This can be especially frustrating when attempting to follow feeding fish on the move.

The S-TRA Straight-Track Rudder Assembly does just what its name says - and it's adjustable for depth so that you can actually pole or drift through water as shallow as the actual draft of the boat in a straight line. In deeper water, high winds or strong current, lower the assembly for better "bite", if desired.

Adjustable to work with all 15" and 20" transom boats (1 1/2" thick transom).