B-72 Osprey




For a "small" boat, the new River Hawk B-72 Osprey is truly HUGE!

Check out the size of these decks!

Even more stable than our famous B-60 models (I know it's hard to imagine); increased planing surface so you can get the Osprey on plane with a 9.9 HP outboard (16 mph), run very nicely with a 25 HP outboard, or install up to a

40 HP outboard for longer runs and more speed.


Tiller steer standard - or order yours with a center console!

B-72 Osprey shown with Tohatsu 9.8 HP

gps speed with 9.8 HP - 16 mph!

B-72 Osprey Center Console

Gray / Lt. Gray with Cote-L Protective Keel Liner

Tohatsu 9.8 HP 4-stroke with Minn Kota PowerDrive 55 trolling motor, 2 series 27 batteries, 3 gal. fuel, 1 person = 16 mph

This boat was purchased to fish horsepower restricted lakes & the Chattahoochee River



B-72 Osprey

Shown with 2 standard rear deck livewells/storage, six under-gunnel rod tubes (up to 10' fly rods), dual front deck fishboxes/storage compartments (choice of one 43 gal. box or two 23 gal. boxes);

Optional anchor locker, navigation lights shown

Optional Center Console

This console is also available on the new 1686 Bay Hawk

Strap a cooler to the floor in front of the console for additional seating.

Center Console easily accommodates 2 or 3 Series 27 Batteries - or a 12 gal. fuel tank.

Recommended: Batteries in console; fuel under rear deck for best performance

Shown with front deck dual fish boxes and optional anchor locker


                20 Gallon Rear Deck Live Well                                                     Under-deck battery & Fuel Stowage (up to 12 gal.)

Rubrail does double-duty as a 2" toe rail to help keep your fly line on deck.

Shown with optional anchor locker.

Available with or without bow trolling motor mounting bracket.

With its 72" beam (74" with rub rail) the Osprey features HUGE front & rear decks,

a massive open center floor, and STABILITY that is truly UNBELIEVABLE!

Shallow draft lets you fish the skinniest flats!

                  B-72 Osprey                                                                                                         B-60 Kingfish Edition

The new B-72 Osprey is a foot longer, has a foot wider beam, and 5" higher sides & transom than our famous B-60 series of boats.

With its wide transom, large planing surface, and efficient hull design the Osprey can actually get on plane and achieve 16 mph with a 9.9 HP outboard! If you "river fish" or don't travel great distances on the water, start out with your current 9.9, 15, or 20 HP (long shaft) outboard. 25 HP is the recommended power, but you can install up to a 40 HP outboard for faster speeds and longer distances..

To increase usable space, we flared the sides slightly outward, creating a huge stable platform for fishing, throwing a cast net or hunting.

Interior width at the rearward edge of the front deck is 63" (13" wider than the Kingfish Edition); forward edge of the rear deck is 69" wide (19" wider than the Kingfish Edition);  center deck clearance side-to-side is 70" wide (18" wider than the Kingfish Edition);  and center deck length is 64" bow-to-stern (12" longer than the Kingfish Edition) .

Order your new B-72 Osprey as a tiller-steer or as a center console: fishing, sport, or stainless pedestal. Or easily retrofit your tiller-steer Osprey with a center console at a later date!