Lake Lanier

Fishing Reports


January/February 2011


All local lakes (Lanier, Allatoona, Hartwell, and smaller impoundments) are very difficult to fish right now due to

water surface temperatures in the low 40's (40° - 42°). Stripers & spots are deep and hard to find.

March 15-23, 2011

With much warmer days & nights recently, water surface temps have rapidly climbed into the

uppper 50's, with some 60° - 64° temps in the backs of some creeks.

Stripers are getting more active early morning and late afternoon/evening. Even though the

stripers aren't schooling yet, you can still find many single fish swirling and busting bait on the

surface in most creeks and pockets in all areas of the lake.

This week many fish in the mid-upper teens (14, 16, 18 lbs.) and even a 27 lb. beauty were all

caught on flyrod. A 29 lb. trophy was taken on a Fluke. Keep in mind that all these fish are being

seen - and then sight-cast to!

March, April & May are PRIME months to catch MANY spots & stripers - and possibly a TROPHY on fly rod!


Gray/White Clouser sz. 1 or 2

Cowen's Coyote

Any fly resembling a shad  1 ½ " to 3" long


White or Chartreuse Weightless Fluke

Spro McStick

March 25-31, 2011

With cooler weather this week, the water surface temps have dropped back down to 55° and the fishing has slowed.

Warmer weather in the next few days should help - expect fishing to improve by the 1st - middle of next week.