Henderson Rettig's

two River Hawk 15' Originals

and lots of fish


"I own 2 river hawk boats and have fished several states - Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and others. I have found these boats to be very versatile for fishing fresh or salt water - rivers and small streams."

"The stability and easy handling are amazing. I enjoy camping and taking kids fishing. The boats handle all my needs. For rainbow trout fishing and small creek fishing there is not a better built boat. The shallow water draft and easy handling make it easy to sneak up on fish. Over the years I have filled up ice chests time and again with all types of fish. I give credit to the boat - it makes fishing fun and easy."

Henderson Rettig

Bringing Home the Bacon

How stable is a River Hawk 15' Original?

" While going down a flooded creek and pulling another boat

my fishing partner made coffee and cooked bacon and eggs

for all with a one burner stove."