Guides using River Hawk Boats:

Catch a Lake Lanier Striper on Fly Rod:

Ken Louko

           Spring Creek Anglers Fly Fishing School

           (404) 664-4823


Marshall Hall - fishing

           Smoky Mountain Fly Fishing

           Knoxville, TN 

           (865) 990-4721



Brandon Price - fishing & hunting

Liberty, NC

(919) 414-8046 


Jason Nelms - fishing

Lake Oconee

(404) 732-4091


Jim Stensen - fishing & hunting

Mobile, AL

(954) 263-7674


These guides will put you on fish, introduce you to new flies, lures & techniques,

critique and improve your casting skills, provide a morning, afternoon, or full day of entertainment

- AND - let you experience first hand the stability and fish-ability of River Hawk boats.

After a trip with one of these guides, contact a dealer listed on our Authorized Dealers page

for your best price on the new River Hawk boat of your choice!



* If you are a guide using a River Hawk boat, let us know

and we'll add your contact information to this list.

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