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"This is a remarkable boat, a combination of form and beauty." 

S.H.K. Speaking about the B-60 Kingfish Edition



"I am currently planning my mid-life crisis, and it may, in fact, include a boat. I explained to my wife that there are other options that she would like even less.

l am an avid fly fisherman and usually float the Hooch in a tube and every winter that goes by I toy with the "want" for a boat capable of fishing waters like the Hooch, the Hiawassee, and the Clinch River in Tennessee. If it would also take me on Lake Lanier safely, then all the better."

J.H. - Took a TEST DRIVE Jan. '07 and purchased his B-60 Kingfish Edition a week later



I am a proud RIVER HAWK owner. They are the best boats out there.